Holland: Amsterdam

Amsterdam was probably one of the cities I liked the most in Europe. And here’s where the main reason why all of this trip was born: U2’s The Joshua Tree Anniversary Tour. Here are some pictures of the city, a couple from museums, and the ones I loved the most from the concert.

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Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona was an amazing city to take pictures, one that I would definitely consider going back for that. Gaudí’s ar(t)chitecture is unbelievable impressive. The Sagrada Familia, was one I definitely enjoyed photographing.

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Spain: Cadiz

Second city in Europe, but only for a day, was Cadiz. It was extremely sunny, so working with light was a bit tough. Still, I managed to get some decent shots.

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Spain: Seville

First city in Europe, was Seville. Because being on Amsterdam’s airport for 5 hours, and on Madrid’s for 6 doesn’t count as actually being on a city. The first few days I didn’t have a camera with me, so some of this shots are from my iPhone 6. I then got a Fujifilm X-T20, and things […]

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