Next subject in #DevelopingYourEye I is ‘Big’. And when I thought about big, these antenas would always pop in my mind. Sometimes you don’t even see them, but when you do, you realize they are really big.

Plus, I used the recommendation and took the picture in a different angle, so that the antena looked even bigger.

(The picture is not in black and white, although it appears to be)



I’m back with #DevelopingYourEye I. After a few busy weeks, I’m here with picture number two.

The subject is Street, and I haven’t had the time to go out with my camera, but I sometimes forget that my phone has a really good camera. So while walking today, I run into this classic Lima image: Traffic.

And, since Lima in the winter is basically grey, I did it in black and white, to really capture the essence of the city and our streets.

Processed with Snapseed.
Lima at night.