Alejandro y Maria Laura: La Noche de Barranco

Alejandro y Maria Laura en La Noche de Barranco
Lima – Perú
Fotos: Samantha Hare

Cusco: A Panoramic View

May 2016
Photos: Samantha Hare

Amen: La Noche de Barranco

Amen en La Noche de Barranco
Lima – Perú
Fotos: Samantha Hare

28 de Julio: Corso Wong

Jazz Zone: Jam Sessions

Jazz Zone: Jam Sessions
Miraflores, Lima – Perú
Fotos: Samantha Hare


This year I thought it would be a great idea to experiment a bit with long exposure, and since a ton of fireworks are very common in Lima for Christmas, I grabbed by tripod (and my mom and dad) and went to the perfect spot to watch half of the city.

Here are some of the best I took, and you can see the whole bunch here.

Christmas as seen from the Cerro Centinela
Lima – Perú
Fotografía: Samantha Hare


The first project I had for my Photographic Expression class, was taking pictures of landscapes. They could be in the city, or outside the city, but they couldn’t include people, unless they were far enough not to be recognized as people.

Lima has hills everywhere, and there’s a bigger concentration of those in La Molina, a district that used to be nothing but fields. So, I went to a section of La Molina that isn’t filled with houses yet, and did a few landscapes in the city, that looked as if they were outside the city. (Although some people always joke about how going to La Molina is like going to a different state)


Proyecto musical NoMapets en ensayos.
Fotografía: Samantha Hare


Once again, these pictures exist thanks to my Photographic Expression class. As I mentioned before, I used some of the ideas of New Objectivity, and I ended up taking more portraits than the ones I thought I would be able to do.

The idea was to give attention to the people whose work is mainly on the streets, but is never payed attention to. I was surprised to find out that most of them were woman, and they were surprised to see somebody wanting to take pictures of them. Some posed happily, others were afraid their supervisor would say something. In the end, I managed to send a couple of pictures to their emails, I really hope they got them and liked them. I’m really proud of these pictures!

Noviembre 2014
Lima – Perú

Fotos: Samantha Hare