Nueva Objetividad

I’ve been working on a new project for my ‘Photographic Expression’ class. This counts as my final exam, and consists of 7 weeks of photos, all around the same idea. Each week, I have to present a new set of photos to the teacher, and he’ll give us corrections to work on for the next week.

My project is based on the importance of the object, present in the New Objectivity, but applied to the streets of my own city. I’ve been looking for people and objects that I can find on the streets, and that are usually ignored. With this, I’m giving them the attention they deserve, and I’m reminding people everywhere that there are beautiful objects surrounding us.

I also sticked with the way the New Objectivity presented the photos, and created small collages. Enjoy! (You can click on the first one, to get a better view of them all)


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