I spent some time following Facundo around with the new 60mm macro lens! It was great when I had the chance to shoot some pics even closer to him: And a few extra green ones!! I’m getting a bit more comfortable with the lens, and hoping to spend extra time on upcoming weeks shooting more […]

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I recently got a 60mm f/2.4 macro lens, here are a few pics of what was my first day ever shooting macro. Starting with Facundo, which was tough to do since he’s a 5-months old kitty who won’t stop moving. Droplets were a gorgeous thing to shoot! And of course, flowers: All pics taken with […]

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Portugal: Lisbon

In mid-2019 I spent a few weeks in Europe and I had the chance to visit cities that were all new for me. The first city was Lisbon! Here are a few of my favorite pics: A few vertical postcards: And some of my favorite ceilings: All pics taken with my Fujifilm X-T20, that suffered […]

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Quarantine: Day 4

Things have been different over the past few weeks and more so over the past few days. On Sunday 15th, Perú declared quarantine with a start date of Monday 16th and lasting at least 15 days. Quarantine here means that nobody’s supposed to go out of their homes unless they need groceries, to head over […]

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