Disposable camera: Birthday Edition
As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent quite a few days celebrating …
Sabbatical (and turning 30)
On March 10th I celebrated my 5th anniversary working at Automattic. One of the …
Let it snow
Macro shots from snowflakes, taken in Toronto.
Santa Monica Pier
A few pics from Santa Monica Beach and its pier, in California.
Three pic taken on a Wintery day in Toronto,
Huntington Beach Pier
A few pics from Huntington Beach, 2021.
I made a thing
A few months ago, I started working on the idea of making a wall …
Lunch in Ottawa
A few pics from a super short trip to Ottawa.
Costa Verde
Various pics that were taken in Miraflores, near the seaside, in early 2021.
Cherry blossoms
A series of pictures of cherry blossom trees, taken in Lima, PerĂº.