Lunch in Ottawa
A few pics from a super short trip to Ottawa.
Costa Verde
Various pics that were taken in Miraflores, near the seaside, in early 2021.
Cherry blossoms
A series of pictures of cherry blossom trees, taken in Lima, Perú.
Lomas de Lachay
A few pictures from a short trip to Lomas de Lachay.
The Huntington Botanical Gardens
A series of pictures taken with a 60mm macro lens at The Huntington Gardens.
Wild kitty
A few pics of Facundo The Cat.
Peru’s Bicentennial Generation
A short chronicle with pictures, of the events and protests that happened in Perú …
(Facundo in) Movement
Facundo in movement, aka cats are unstoppable.
France: Paris
A few pics from the city of Paris – 2019.
France: The Eiffel Tower
A few pics of The Eiffel Tower and others taken from the Eiffel Tower- …