Berlin (with an iPhone)

I recently spent a couple of days in Berlin, and even though I only had my phone with me, I still made sure to take as many pics as I could. The Berlin Wall It still impresses me to see how a huge section of the wall has become an art gallery. Here are some […]

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Short trip to Chile

A bit over a month ago, my family and I had a wedding in El Paine (located about an hour away from Santiago). These pics are from the house/Airbnb where we stayed. I didn’t have my camera with me, so they are all from my iPhone. The house didn’t technically include pets, but there were […]

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Sabbatical (and turning 30)

On March 10th I celebrated my 5th anniversary working at Automattic. One of the awesome perks we get as Automatticians, is that every 5 years we get a 3-month paid sabbatical. (And yes, we’re hiring) Even though I was eligible for mine already in March, I decided to move my start date a bit to […]

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