You can never have enough kitty pics! Recently, my family adopted a second kitty. Our oldest cat turned 14, and new kitty arrived in a very particular way just at the front door of our building. So now he’s been with us for over two months.

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Spain: Barcelona

Barcelona was an amazing city to take pictures, one that I would definitely consider going back for that. Gaudí’s ar(t)chitecture is unbelievable impressive. The Sagrada Familia, was one I definitely enjoyed photographing.

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Spain: Cadiz

Second city in Europe, but only for a day, was Cadiz. It was extremely sunny, so working with light was a bit tough. Still, I managed to get some decent shots.

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Spain: Seville

First city in Europe, was Seville. Because being on Amsterdam’s airport for 5 hours, and on Madrid’s for 6 doesn’t count as actually being on a city. The first few days I didn’t have a camera with me, so some of this shots are from my iPhone 6. I then got a Fujifilm X-T20, and things […]

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The Adventure Log: Packing

This is where it all begins… …actually it all began earlier in the year. I thought it would be a great idea to go to a U2’s The Joshua Tree anniversary concert, and what better place to go than Amsterdam. But it I was already going to Amsterdam, I had to go to some other […]

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World Photo Day

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who’s still studying (the same thing I studied, Communication) and it reminded me of how much I miss learning about photography. Back then I took three courses, Basic Photography, Photographic Expression, and Photojournalism. I still do photography, but I miss being challenged every week, I miss […]

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Rights are for everybody

A year ago, a bill was presented by a Congressman (that happens to be gay) asking for some basic rights for gay couples. They weren’t asking for marriage or adoption, they only wanted a civil union. This makes total sense. Constitutions only gave rights to couples conformed by a man and a woman, so now […]

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The Zoo

I recently went to the Zoo with my mom, grandma, two of my grandma’s sisters, one of my mom’s sisters, a cousin, and a niece. We were 8 women, the youngest being 3, and the oldest being 88. It was a lot of fun. I particularly don’t enjoy Zoos, I actually hate seeing animals in […]

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