About Me

I’m Sam. I was born in Santiago (Chile) and I’ve lived in Lima (Perú) almost my entire life. I’m now in Toronto (Canada).

Getting ready to eat delicious Peruvian food in a restaurant in Toronto.

I have a B.A. in Social Communication from the University of Lima and I’ve had different jobs since I was about 17 years old. I taught English and Math, I used to be a clown, I worked at a Starbucks, and at a large multinational cosmetics company. I’ve worked at an organization that helped people with disabilities, I’ve done several freelance audiovisual jobs and I even had an audiovisual production company of my own for a while.

I’m now at Automattic (where we’re always hiring!) and here you’ll find a series of pictures from trips and the occasional blog post. I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T20 and an iPhone 14 Pro 🙂

You can also find most of my pics with CC attributions both in Flickr and Unsplash.