Book number one

It’s plane number two of the year, and while on it I finished reading Marrón, by Rocío Quillahuaman. What a great book. It’s her first, and I hope she keeps writing because I’d love to keep reading her.

It’s also plane number two, and plane number three will happen later this week.

Numbers, lists, organizing my brain helps me understand the world better. This week my partner and I were in one city on Monday, in another one on Tuesday, in a third one on Wednesday, and we’ll be back home on Friday.

We’re starting out the year strong, seeing people we love, reading a lot, and planning good things for 2023.

Since I do lists and plan, I’ve planned to read 18 books this year. Last year I planned to read 12, and made it to 17. It was the first time ever that I made a goal of books to read. And like my partner says, your goal for every new year should always be a bit more than what you read on the previous one, which is why I chose 18 for 2023.

I’ve read one already, and started number two. Planes are great places to read, and I’ve found are also great places to write. Most of the posts I’ve published so far, were first drafted in Simplenote while flying.

Plane number two, book number two, post number seven. Maybe this time I won’t forget to keep counting throughout the year.

Featured pic taken with an iPhone, from a plane between Chiclayo and Lima.

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