The prompt What brings you joy? came on a good day, given on January 5th I hopped on my first flight of the year.
Being able to travel and see people and places I love brings me a lot of joy. Even when those flights come with issues, delays, tiredness, etc.

Traveling (most of the time) brings me a lot of joy. There’s nothing quite like the view of a city from above.

On January 5th, we went from Lima to a city in the north of the country. We’re visiting my partner’s family, eating delicious food, driving to another city, and resting some.

We’ll be back in Lima next week, and then flying back home at the end of the week. As for the rest of the year, who knows how many flights we’ll end up taking. I hope I get to take a pic from each of those flights! Seems like a nice project for 2023 🙂

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