The last trip of 2022

On December 9th I flew to Lima and hours after landing I was already with two of my closest friends, driving towards the south. We were headed to Paracas, in Ica.

We planned a calm weekend with drinks and beach views. We stayed in a huge room that had a living room and a balcony, and on the second night the three of us were too tired to head to the bar, so we stayed in and watched a movie.

That’s all we needed. One night of having drinks, spending some time sunbathing, chilling at the pool, and having a second night of long talks and a movie. It was a great way to start my last trip of the year.

2022 was an extremely busy year. It was a fantastic one, but it was definitely busy. So finishing up with a calm trip among friends, was perfect.

Here are some shots from Paracas, all taken with an iPhone 14 Pro, from the hotel where we stayed in.

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