2023’s First Sunset

I’m a big fan of sunsets, as most of my Instagram feed shows, and I really appreciated being at the beach for this year’s first sunset.

I signed up for this year’s Bloganuary challenge knowing I wasn’t going to follow each day’s prompts necessarily. I wanted a reminder to post every day, and if I felt stuck, I was going to follow the prompt. Today, I felt like going with my own thing and simply sharing pics, but then I started thinking about the prompt, How am I brave?.

How am I brave? I guess moving to another country was something brave. But I feel braver when I speak my mind, when I follow and achieve goals, and when I tell people I care about how I feel about them. Sometimes simply being a woman in a third-world country feels brave on its own. Going to therapy, asking for help when I need it, and creating healthy boundaries. All those things feel brave.

Sharing pictures sometimes also feels brave!

All pics were taken with an iPhone 14 Pro, at Puerto Viejo beach in Lima, PerĂº.

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