Short trip to Chile

A bit over a month ago, my family and I had a wedding in El Paine (located about an hour away from Santiago). These pics are from the house/Airbnb where we stayed. I didn’t have my camera with me, so they are all from my iPhone.

The house didn’t technically include pets, but there were a couple of dogs that came to visit us often, and a horse that walked around the area, that we were able to feed.

On the left, my dad is trying to get a stick from the dogs, to throw it again and play with them. On the right, my mom got super close to the horse and fed him nuts.

Naturally, we ended up naming both dogs and the horse (Jack, Toby, and Ballo). Only to find their real names (Arnoldo, Bobby, Torgan) when we were checking out of the Airbnb. One could say my family really loves animals.

After spending a few days in El Paine, I spent an extra night visiting a friend in Santiago.

I was born in Santiago and lived in Chile for about 4 years, so going back is always nice, even when it’s for a short period of time 🙂

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