Sabbatical (and turning 30)

On March 10th I celebrated my 5th anniversary working at Automattic. One of the awesome perks we get as Automatticians, is that every 5 years we get a 3-month paid sabbatical. (And yes, we’re hiring)

Even though I was eligible for mine already in March, I decided to move my start date a bit to take it on my 30th birthday. I mean, what better way to celebrate turning 30 than with three months off?

So here I am, on my official first day of sabbatical, and having already spent 4 days celebrating my birthday with friends and family. I truly couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m hoping to spend time in the next few months doing some traveling, and uploading pics from old trips. So far I don’t have that many concrete plans, and I’m loving it!

A few snapshots of the celebrations so far:

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