I made a thing

A few months ago, I started working on the idea of making a wall calendar with pictures I’d taken to give to family and friends for Christmas. I sorta forgot about it until a few days after Christmas when my BF reminded me of it and offered to help design it.

And so we did! The final version has QRs that’ll take you to the jpg version of the picture from that month, which I thought was a nice additional touch if people wanted to use the pics as desktop/mobile backgrounds.

I got several printed to give away and some to try and sell. This was the first time I thought about selling something with my pictures, and the response was amazing. I’m now thinking about ways to improve the calendar and what could be the theme for next year’s. This time, though, I’ll make sure to get them done before the year starts.

Here are a few pics of the printed version:

The calendar is in Spanish, it has all the Peruvian Holidays in it, and the final pdf version can be downloaded from here:

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