Quarantine: Day 41

Last week was the last day I spent in the apartment where my mural project started. The lease was coming up soon, and I needed to find a more comfortable place if the quarantine was going to carry on getting extended (which it did, until May 10). Luckily I found a place in the same building, so after a few days back and forth from places, the only thing missing to be moved was the mural.

It was such a nice frame for a picture, and it represented so much of what I’ve done so far and of what I want to do more of in the future. Who would’ve thought that moving places in the middle of the quarantine could get so emotional?

In addition to the self-portrait, I recorded a quick time-lapse dismantling the mural, which once put in reverse, was a nice video of the mural being created.

Mural dismantling, in reverse.

I also added a fun short project to the quarantine! A great illustrator started voluntarily creating summaries of what was being announced every day in PerĂº as part of the State of Emergency. She was uploading them all to her social media, and her entire collection resided in a Google Drive link.

I realized I could easily help her turn that Google Drive link into a WordPress.com site, where she could carry on posting every update. So I helped her by creating it and adding all the material she already had (which were over 35 days of material). The site is now up and she keeps updating it with the new summaries. If you want to know what’s been happening in PerĂº (and can read Spanish) here it is. You can even download each of the summaries’ pdf files.

As for the mural project, there are now 50 pics sitting on a shelf looking at me, waiting to be put up in a wall again. Maybe that’ll be my next quarantine update!

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