Quarantine: Day 28

We’re wrapping up week four of the quarantine here in Lima, and earlier in the week the Peruvian President announced that the quarantine was going to get extended at least until April 26th, meaning, two more weeks.

The format changed again: We can go out for groceries/pharmacies from Monday to Saturday, nobody can go out Sundays, and there’s still a curfew but it’s now from 6pm to 4 am. (The northern part of the country has it from 4pm to 4 am).

The quarantine getting extended means I’ll spend my 28th birthday (April 18) alone, which has brought me a variety of creative ideas and activities for a virtual birthday. They’ve all been summed up to: Several Zoom calls with the people I care about.

What’s nice about this, is that on a regular non quarantined birthday I would’ve only seen people that are here in Lima, but now that I’m planning full days of Zoom calls I’ll be able to see friends and family that are everywhere in the world. This should definitely become a new tradition!

As for the mural, it’s now at 50 pictures, which is making it tougher to arrange in the wall I initially chose. Fifty pictures, from fifty cities, each with a story of their own. Who knows, if the quarantine carries on getting extended I might have enough time to write about each of the pictures.

A mural with 50 Instax film pics, all taken in different cities of the world.

As for any upcoming Quarantine Projects I’ve carried on posting pictures of my 2019 trips and I’m hoping to make some time to take more pictures indoors.

My wise therapist shared with me this week how the quarantine is like a trip of its own. Such simple phrasing that has helped me look at these Weird Times as an opportunity to be creative and dedicate more time to myself.

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