Quarantine: Day 11

The mural has grown. It moved from having only six pictures to what seems to be 38 pictures. I say ‘seems to be’ because I’ve counted them several times and I think they’re 38.

I keep taking a look at it and it’s hard to believe I’ve been in all those places and I’ve taken every single one of those pictures. It’s hard to believe I’m only halfway there in the project, missing another (at least) 40 pictures. It’s even harder to believe it all in these current Weird Times*. Traveling seems like such an impossible activity nowadays, and it used to be what filled my months.

I guess now it’s time to pause, look back, and appreciate how far I’ve come.

A mural of 38 Instax film pictures. Each one of them was taken in a different city.
38 cities, all taken by me.

Today the Peruvian President announced the quarantine (that was supposed to only last 15 days) will last 13 additional days. So instead of us being able to start going outside our homes on Mar 30th, we’ll stay in until April 12th and April 13th will apparently be the first day we’re allowed to go out.

I turn 28 on April 18th, so hopefully, I’ll be able to see people on that day. But I’m also getting prepared for a quarantined birthday. For now, I’ll enjoy the mural and continue making it grow.

*The Weird Times is what I started calling these pandemic times with my team from work. It seemed like an accurate term since these are unique, different, strange times.

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