Quarantine: Day 4

Things have been different over the past few weeks and more so over the past few days. On Sunday 15th, Perú declared quarantine with a start date of Monday 16th and lasting at least 15 days.

Quarantine here means that nobody’s supposed to go out of their homes unless they need groceries, to head over to a bank, or to a pharmacy. People whose jobs involve some of those activities can go to work, but everybody else needs to stay indoors.

In addition to this measure, the President announced on Wednesday 18th that between 8 pm and 5 am nobody can go out at all. Which means we went from a quarantine to a quarantine and a curfew. Drastic measures to prevent any possible drastic results.

Luckily, my job is already remote so I’ve been able to (mostly) function normally. The anxiety and the vast unknown have for sure made it hard. But (also luckily) my therapist offered to carry on having a weekly session via Skype.

After we talked today, we agreed that I needed a project that I could work on while being quarantined. My therapist’s specialty is Expressive Art, so we do a lot of sessions focused on creating something artistic. It’s been extremely helpful to work on getting me out of my own head and producing something out of our sessions.

Today I decided I was going to start a photography project I’ve been thinking about for a while. I want to print a picture from each of the cities I’ve visited in my life.

I have an Instax printer which makes it easy, but what wasn’t that easy was having a clear list of how many cities that truly meant. So far, I have 77 and I think it might raise to about 90.

Page 1 of the list of cities

And printed, so far, the first six pictures. It is starting to look pretty, though.

The first 6 cities

Let’s see how far I get to during the quarantine. At least now I have a creative project I can focus on for the upcoming days 🙂

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