The Adventure Log: Packing

This is where it all begins…
…actually it all began earlier in the year. I thought it would be a great idea to go to a U2’s The Joshua Tree anniversary concert, and what better place to go than Amsterdam.

But it I was already going to Amsterdam, I had to go to some other countries in Europe as well. So, a few months later, here I am, trying to fit 50 days of cloth in one suitcase.

How do you do that? Well, here are the steps I took:

  1. Panic about the fact that you area leaving for 50 days
  2. Panic about the fact that you are only taking one suitcase and one backpack for those 50 days
  3. Put some music to sing and forget about the panic moment you had minutes ago
  4. Establish how many days of cloth are you actually going to take with you, because 50 days is nonsense. Once you realize around 7-10 days is the correct amount…
  5. Start with the basics: underwear.
  6. Distract yourself a bit while you sing.
  7. Continue with basics: bottoms. In this case, some shorts and a jean.
  8. Distract yourself and not be sure about whether you want to take a skirt or no, then realize you would need to take too much extra shirts to actually use that skirt, remove the skirt.
  9. Carry on with: tops. In this case, shirts, sleeveless shirts, and some of those sports shirts.
  10. Realize you want to totally take two dresses, remember you were going to take a third one as well. Add some winter tights so that it makes sense to take dresses for both the very hot days, and the colder ones.
  11. Refold everything you’ve already folded, and remove two shirts off the pile of shirts you were going to take.
  12. Try on a couple of those things you weren’t sure if they were going to work. Toss them off, or add them to the pile.
  13. Add extras like swimwear, sandals and pajamas.
  14. Wonder about whether you’ll need more pajamas, realize everything you have could be turned into a pajama, continue singing songs for a bit.
  15. Finish up with shampoo, tooth brush, hair brush, and everything that’s needed to continue looking like a decent human being.
  16. Make a list of the things you remember you need to take, and still haven’t bought.
  17. Celebrate about the fact that you did it, and you still have room left on the suitcase!
  18. Panic, for one last time 🙂

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