Finally! After almost 20 days without being able to move, because of a tiny accident, I’m here and ready to start with Developing Your Eye I.

When I think of home, I don’t think of my house as a thing or a place, I think of what makes me feel at home, or what I miss the most when I’m not home.

I have a cat, named Simón. He’s my own personal Garfield.

I used to have two labradors as well. Every time I wasn’t home, all I ever missed was being with these three guys. My dogs were amazing, and the three of them got along really well. Lucas passed away a year ago, and Bruno a few months later than that.

Now Simón needs extra hugs (although he hates them), but seeing him sleeping in my bed, or in this case, my parent’s bed, gives me the perfect sense of home. So here’s my ‘Home’ photo:

Day 1: Home

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