World Photo Day

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who’s still studying (the same thing I studied, Communication) and it reminded me of how much I miss learning about photography.

Back then I took three courses, Basic Photography, Photographic Expression, and Photojournalism. I still do photography, but I miss being challenged every week, I miss having my pictures analyzed by other people, with a different view and I miss taking pictures every day.

So, a few days ago I submitted to #DevelopingYourEye I, as a way to encourage myself to do exactly that. Take pictures on a daily basis, following some tips, and seeing everything as if it was brand new.

Sadly, a couple of days after I submitted to the course, I injured my foot and now I’m stuck with a cast for a few days.

Day 1 – Day 3

I’ve seen every email from the course arrive, I’ve thought about what would I photograph about that subject , and now I just want the cast removed so I can walk freely and photograph the day away.

So, I will personally postpone #WorldPhotoDay, until my foot actually lets me take photos, and then I will celebrate it ten days in a row, with #DevelopingYourEye I.

How are you celebrating #WorldPhotoDay?


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