Rights are for everybody

A year ago, a bill was presented by a Congressman (that happens to be gay) asking for some basic rights for gay couples. They weren’t asking for marriage or adoption, they only wanted a civil union.

This makes total sense. Constitutions only gave rights to couples conformed by a man and a woman, so now gay couples want the same rights. But sadly, Perú is a country in which the Catholic Church is way too much involved, so it just seem like madness to them.

A year went by, and still nothing happened. Congressmen didn’t really wanted to confront the idea. Finally a date was set, and still nothing happened on that day. A week later, they could no longer postpone it. The debate was held, but it was just sad. The excuses of why it shouldn’t happen, were embarrassing. One of the most idiotic of them all, actually quoted Hitler’s book ‘My struggle’, and said Hitler was partially right, adding that women became lesbian, because they held resentment against men.

The bill never became a law. In the next days, more politics gave interviews and talked about this civil union. Two of them were pretty sure that gay people could be ‘cured’, and that they had seen it before in their churches. A priest called the Congressman who presented the bill a ‘faggot’ and then laughed about it, while calling him ‘so fat, he will soon explode’. The amount of homophobic people giving their opinion on the radio and on TV was too damn high!

So, the people who supported the bill, and the awesome artists who supported the bill, and the other awesome artists who came out, and some Peruvian brands who showed their support, united and now, we’re having and awesome march. Now, there have already been a ton of marches, but this one is specifically against homophobia in our Congress.

Here are some of the best pictures I took in last year’s march, and in one that was held last week. I think I’ll get even better pictures in tomorrow’s march, and I really hope there’s plenty of people everywhere, supporting the cause. (Like Lance Bass) #UnionCivilYa

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